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Lake House Rentals in DC Metro Area

The very sight of water embodies a sense of nature, serenity, calmness, and tranquility, so it is no wonder why many people choose to reside or select rental property along waterfronts. Imagine being able to step out of your front door and have all of the amenities water offers right at your fingertips! Whether you are looking for a permanent place to settle or for a wonderful, unforgettable vacation experience in the DC Metro area, a waterfront retreat is the ideal choice for those who crave a tranquil alternative to the typical neighborhood house or hotel room.

When looking for the perfect waterfront rental, one must have a good idea of their expectations for a potential property. Are you looking for a place set in wooded natural surroundings or within the bustling city center? Are you an outdoor enthusiast with a love for recreational water activities? Is this a rental for you and your family? Perhaps you are simply looking for more of a relaxing, intimate retreat. Rental properties come in many different sizes to accommodate any sized party and itinerary. No matter what your situation calls for, an abundance of waterfront properties are available for you in the DC Metro area, providing the right balance of charm and allure to match your own individual personality.

Budget is another important factor that comes into play while choosing the perfect waterfront rental. From high end rentals to budget friendly choices, countless options are out there suitable for any price point. And for those with a more limited budget, dreams of waterfront dwelling do not have to be completely sacrificed. Choosing a rental not directly placed on the water, for example, can yield plenty of affordable possibilities.

Known as the “Nation's River”, the Potomac River is the main body of water that runs through the nation's capital. The Potomac is deeply rooted in history, and is regularly used for recreational activities and events. Many enjoy the scenic views of the Potomac, especially during the spring time when the National Cherry Blossom Festival takes place. The Potomac River is also home to the National Harbor, a beautiful, new resort area in Prince George's County, Maryland. The National Harbor is located just 8 miles south of the national capital and is widely known as being one of the top marinas in the Chesapeake Bay Region. While the Potomac is the main river in DC, it has numerous tributaries such as the Anacostia River and Rock Creek.

Chesapeake Bay is also a popular tourist destination for those visiting the DC Metro area. Spectacular views of its deep blue waters and water recreation attract a great variety of visitors, and is a beautiful place to consider visiting.

Wherever you choose to visit, waterfront property in DC is laden with loads of charm, liveliness, and beauty sure to please anyone. Plan a memorable escape to DC, and find your dream rental today!

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