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Choosing a lake house as a second home or even as a primary residence is a wonderful way to experience the beauty and scenery of nature everyday. Many of us lose touch with nature as a result of busy lives, and spending time outside takes a backseat to career, family and extracurricular activities. Perhaps the best way to reintroduce he outside world to your life is by living directly next to some of the most beautiful lakes in Georgia. From Lake Allatoona to Lake Lanier and everything in between, a home on the water can be a relaxing, enjoyable and financially smart decision.

Top Lakes in Georgia: Georgia is blessed with a wide variety of lakes all around the state, each of which makes a beautiful setting for an attractive lake house. One of the largest and most scenic destinations in Georgia is Lake Allatoona, which occupies over 12,000 acres of space. This lake is more than just a scenic area, as it was also the site of a historical Civil War battle, making it all the more attractive to buyers. Lake Lanier is another large lake in Georgia, and serves as the main source of water for Atlanta. Each year over 7 million visitors spend a day or more on the shores of Lake Lanier, proof that it is one of Georgia's most exciting areas, thanks to recreational water sport activities like boating or canoeing right on the lake.

Financial Benefits to Investing in a Lake Home: Regardless of how the economy may be doing this year or even this decade, you can rest assured that lakefront properties will remain in demand for the foreseeable future. As more and more people move into Georgia, it is harder and harder to find pristine and natural scenic property. Those with homes on one of Georgia's beautiful lakes will have the upper hand in any selling negotiations in the future. It has always been the case that waterfront properties are more highly valued than any kind of home, so it is logical to assume that purchasing a lake house in Georgia will continue to be a smart investment for years to come.

Personal Benefits to Owning a Lake Home: Aside from financial reasons, there are countless benefits to owning and living in a lakefront home. The incredible beauty will help you to feel refreshed and revitalized each day, and help reduce or even eliminate depression. Having a place to swim daily can allow you to spend time outside, getting your daily dose of Vitamin D and even preventing obesity thanks to swims and walks around the attractive natural landmark of a lake. Having a lake home is a great reason to invite up your family and friends, so expect to be considered the best host around! With lake access it possible to have a dock leading right to water, which encourage swimming and even boat rides for guests.

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