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An evening spent on the porch listening to the song of crickets, watching the glint of the sun as it dips down behind the lake or roasting marshmallows over an open fire are just some activities available to those who spend a vacation getaway at a lakefront property. Add to that the plethora of water sports and activities, a real sense of community and the chance to experience nature at its best and you can easily see the attraction of renting a property on or near a lake.

In Indiana, several such properties are available. In spite of the fact that people often associate Indiana with miles of fertile farmland and Midwestern charm, Indiana possesses several lakes that attract visitors from all over. Choices range from those in the southwestern tip of the state to those in the north along the Great Lakes where the state welcomes Lake Michigan. If you're looking for a house to rent, or own a property that you'd like to offer as a short or long-term accommodation to others, Indiana is rife with possibilities.

Lakefront rental properties offer an ample income to savvy owners, while providing a homey vacation atmosphere for those looking to get away from it all. Front porches that allow visitors to experience nature in a comfortable setting, kitchens where they can prepare home-cooked meals and living and family rooms that encourage quality together time are just some of the reasons occupants cite for choosing lakefront rentals as their favorite vacation option.

Privacy is another attractive option that owners can offer to guests who choose to rent a property situated on or near a lake. Unlike staying in a lodge or hotel where occupants frequently encounter staff and other guests, a private home offers the opportunity for visitors to enjoy as much solitude as they choose. Restrict your activities to family only when you want your privacy, or invite your friendly neighbors over for a rousing game of cards when you're feeling social.

Private or shared docks allow guests to bring along their own watercraft or rent one for the duration of their vacation. Days spent on the lake are only as far away as it takes to walk or drive to the water's edge. The opportunity to feast on fresh fish, caught just hours before, is another huge draw for seafood fans.

Whether you want to rent a property for a few weeks or a few months to treat your family to a long overdue vacation, or whether you have a property you'd like to share with those eager to experience lakefront living at its best, Indiana is the place to do it. With lakes distributed evenly throughout the state, there are locales that offer something to everyone who's looking to enjoy themselves during a good old-fashioned aquatic getaway and allow them to get acquainted with a side of Indiana they may not have known existed.

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