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Lakes are probably not the first thing to come to mind when someone mentions Nevada. Nevada's lakes are overshadowed by the state's deserts and casinos however some of the country's most famous lakes can call the Silver State home, kind of. In fact, Nevada should be famous for shared custody of lakes. Three of the state's most famous lakes, Lake Tahoe and Lake Mead are all part of the border of Nevada and another state. Vacationing to a Nevada lake house puts vacationers in a great location with plenty of activities to discover.

Lake Tahoe is one of the Nevada's most beautiful destinations. The lake sits on the border of the California border in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Lake houses in Tahoe have the benefit of being in the prime location for skiing and snowboarding all winter long and being beautiful beach homes in the summer. The calm, crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe rival those of many tropical destinations. The only tipoff are the pine trees and mountains in the background. Vacationers and owners of lake homes on the Nevada side of Tahoe also have the added luxury of being close to the Tahoe's nightlife. Gamblers will enjoy the easily accessible casinos that begin right on the Nevada side of the town. Lake houses in Tahoe are a great way to have access to wilderness excursions during the day and wild escapades by night.
South of the casinos of Tahoe are the major casinos of
Las Vegas, and within striking distance of Las Vegas is the second of Nevada's shared lakes, Lake Mead. Lake Mead shares its waters between Nevada and Arizona. Residents and vacationers in the Lake Mead area will enjoy dramatic views of mountain sides as well as Lake Mead. Like many lakes, Lake Mead is a popular destination for boaters, swimmers, and fisherman. In contrast to the mountainous environment of Lake Tahoe, Nevada shows its other side of desert landscape and wildlife at Lake Mead. Photographers, hikers, and sightseers will have plenty to keep them busy. As with many of the state's lakes, the more adventurous can use lake houses as a home base and take kayaks, canoes and standup paddle boards out on the water to explore and see hidden areas.

Owners and vacationers of Nevada lake homes enjoy the best of city nightlife and daytime adventure. With mountains or deserts to choose from, outdoor recreation is easy any time of the year. Boaters have miles of water to play on. Swimmers have opportunities to splash and cool off. From biking around the lakes to paddling through them, part of the fun of staying at a lake house in Nevada is trying to save enough energy to take part in the nightlife in casinos and clubs. But the best part of owning and or renting a lake house is the relaxation that comes with a homey base for every adventure.

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