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Among places in the United States, North Dakota brings to mind tranquil landscapes, untouched by crowded structures and population centers. The ancestral home of many Native American tribes and still part of their daily lives and heritage, this far northern state also offers to all the perfect retreat, a place to rest and recharge personal batteries and enjoy nature's abundant gifts. However, amidst the greatness of such a high plains landscape, there is one special kind of setting that prevails in the minds of those who truly seek escape: the picturesque water regions that promote the peaceful beauty that only lake front or near-the-lake dwelling can bring. Indeed, for anyone seeking a lake house retreat, the lake regions of North Dakota are not to be missed.

To be sure, every region of this Canadian bordered state has its share of lakes, with some of the largest being miles long and several acres in surface size. Needless to say, year-round recreational opportunities exist, among them camping, fishing, hunting, boating, picnicking, wildlife viewing, snowmobiling, and swimming, dependent upon season. Renting a lakeside home not only avails occupants peace and tranquility, then, but also a wide variety of outdoor scenic events and activities from which to choose.

For example, Devil's Lake in the North Central area, is the largest natural freshwater lake in the state, a popular recreation destination encompassing 160,000 acres, with every possible water sport, great hiking, biking around scenic shores, and four seasons of activity. Its name derives from translation of a Native American word steeped in legend about a destructive lake monster, while in reality it is a wonderful site for boaters, and on warm summer days displays a surface dotted with pontoon and speed boats, also occasional sailboats. Water skiers and wake boarders also take advantage of hot, blue skied days, with the lake's wide open acreage ideal for their pursuits. Like many North Dakota lakes, it is also full of fish and known as the perch capital of the world, hence its appeal for anglers. While summer fishing is popular, ice fishing, too, is part of Devil Lake's fun.

For vacationers and travelers, renting a home near Devil's Lake also allows easy access to Grahams Island State Park, a favorite of nature lovers, with over 1,142 acres for exploration. Additionally, not far from the lake are museums, historical and cultural sites, providing plenty to do when rest and relaxation are satisfied.

Just as lakeside retreats are available to rent near Devil's Lake, venturing further west allows enjoyment of Lake Darling and Lake Sakakawea. The first is a cornerstone of the Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge, a place for berry picking, cross-country skiing trails, and ample wildlife viewing. Full of walleye and northern pike, anglers abiding by federal and state regulations governing a national wildlife refuge will not be disappointed, nor will be boaters and other water hobbyists. Likewise, Lake Sakakawea, the second largest reservoir by surface acreage in the country has much to offer, including amphitheater programs, children's activities, and nature hikes, with numerous rare bird species, too. State parks surround the lake for year-round fun, making lake house rentals a good choice for families.

South Central North Dakota has Lake Oahe and Pipestem Lake, while lake Ashtabula graces the Southeast sector, where the state's largest city, Fargo, is also located. Not to be outdone, the far Southwest corner, home of state capital, Bismarck, boasts two large bodies of water, Bowman Haley Lake and a portion of Lake Oahe. The latter is so large that it spans 23 miles from one state capital, Pierre, South Dakota, to another, Bismarck. Displaying 2,250 miles of shoreline, it is the largest man-made reservoir in surface acreage in the United States.

All in all, every major lake in North Dakota, as well as many smaller ones, offers variety for sports enthusiasts and outdoor lovers. Moreover, there is no doubt that renting a comfortable lakefront home, with every amenity for relaxed living and entertaining, will bring great contentment while enjoying this mostly untouched northern state of rare beauty. Whether strolling sandy beaches or watching gorgeous sunsets, knowing acres of waterway paradise await world-class fishing or waterfowl hunting and a myriad of water sports, such as boating and water skiing, ensures that everyone will find what they are looking for with a cozy North Dakota lake house: restoration of the inner, personal tranquility that waterway retreats always seem to bring.

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